Welcome to the Georgia Association of Manufacturers

Since its founding in 1900, the Association has represented the interests of Georgia manufacturers before the General Assembly, the Georgia Public Service Commission, and other state agencies, helping member companies address the issues most critical to their profitability. Created by Georgia’s textile industry, the Georgia Association of Manufacturers (“GAM”) has steadily diversified its membership and broadened its reach and the scope of issues it addresses. While its mission has remained constant over the years, today GAM works on behalf of all Georgia manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness in a global marketplace. The Association promotes and depends upon a culture of engagement, bringing the intelligence and strengths of its members to meet challenges through the power of its broad and diverse roster of companies. GAM has built relationships between manufacturers and the policy makers who influence their success. Members enjoy the benefits of a long history of meaningful accomplishments on major issues – from taxation to energy costs to environmental compliance. GAM achieves measureable results for its members, historically yielding a return far in excess of their dues investment. Recent legislative and regulatory accomplishments have yielded in excess of $300 million in annual tax, energy and other savings to Georgia manufacturers.


Led the effort that successfully repealed the state and local taxes on energy used in manufacturing, which is estimated to save Georgia manufacturers more than $250 million annually when fully implemented;

Authored legislation and worked to implement regulations that adopt the “integrated plant theory” for purposes of Georgia’s sales tax exemption on equipment, machinery and replacement parts purchased for use in manufacturing, resulting in an annual savings of at least $20 million and making Georgia a more competitive state for manufacturing investment;

Drafted and secured passage of legislation pertaining to carpet and flooring samples, saving Georgia’s flooring industry millions of tax dollars;

Developed and achieved passage of legislation that brought employers meaningful savings in workers’ compensation costs;

Successfully lobbied against proposed laws that would have: increased utility costs and workers’ compensation premiums; burdened manufacturers with unreasonable and counter-productive environmental regulations; eroded Georgia’s employment-at-will doctrine; imposed unwarranted workplace health and safety standards that would have cost manufacturers millions of dollars annually; and preserved property rights of employers to decide their position on guns in the workplace;

Mitigated increases in electric rates sought by Georgia Power Company resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for Georgia manufacturers;

Intervened in the most recent Georgia Power Company rate case, providing over $50 million in benefits to members from 2014 to 2016;

Successfully advocated for fuel cost recovery mechanisms, saving manufacturers tens of millions of dollars;

Won Commission approval of GAM proposals to redesign existing or implement new tariffs intended to reduce the cost of electricity for manufacturers; and

Led advocacy for natural gas deregulation resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings for interruptible natural gas consumers.