What is the Georgia Prosperity Project?

The Georgia Prosperity Project® is a collaborative effort between the Georgia Association of Manufacturers, BIPAC, employers, and business organizations throughout the country.   Georgia P2® is designed to help demonstrate how public policy and elections have a direct impact on economic growth, competitiveness and jobs.  It helps the business community with employer-to-employee communications and tools that provide information about candidates, issues and elections in a non-partisan way.  It also provides voter registration and GOTV to get educated and motivated employees to cast informed votes.

The Georgia Prosperity Project is built on the belief that when employees are informed and active in government and elections, our families, our communities, and our state will benefit.  Whether you are casting a vote, or increasing your involvement in the legislative or electoral process, the Prosperity Project is here to make our state better place to live and a better place for business to prosper.

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